Snowdrop Easy Bloom Pad

Snowdrop Easy Bloom Pad


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The earliest bulbs to bloom in your garden! 

Snowdrops (Galanthus Nivalis) are not only the first bulbs to bloom in your spring garden, now they are the easiest to plant in your fall garden! Before you even dare to think the word “spring”, these beauties open up their snow-white winged blooms. Now that they come in Bloom Pads, you can plant a garden full of these little beauties in no time!

New Bloom Pads make it so simple. When it’s time to plant bulbs in the fall you just dig a hole about 6” deep, making sure it is wide enough to put the Bloom Pad into it. Cover with dirt and give it some water. Now comes the hardest part – waiting until spring!

The top-grade Snowdrop bulbs for sale are professionally placed in the biodegradable Bloom Pad (8 bulbs per pad) to make sure that they are perfectly spaced. This provides the best growth. You can plant a ton more in a lot less time than planting individual bulbs. Imagine your dream garden – in a fraction of the time!

The top reasons you’ll love Snowdrop Bloom Pad:

*Beautiful nodding snow-white blooms
*Super easy to plant
*You can fill a whole container with only one Bloom Pad
*Plant double the bulbs in half the time
*Save your back, save your attitude

Plant your dream garden now with Bloom Pads – it’s a cinch! 

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