Grape Hyacinth Easy Bloom Pad

Grape Hyacinth Easy Bloom Pad


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Brighten Winter With Bloom Pads

Sweethearts of the spring garden! 

There is perhaps no better tulip or daffodil companion than the Grape Hyacinth. These chubby little flowers are the deepest purple blue you’ve ever seen. They are astonishing on their own when planted in a river of color, but you should see them with tulips and daffs – any color, any shape, any size. They make their spring friends sing! New Bloom Pads make it possible to plant that river of color without crying a river of tears! You can have a professionally planned spring garden without all of the hard work.

New Bloom Pads make it easy. They take the guesswork out of planting. Fifteen little Grape Hyacinth bulbs pre-planned and mixed and put into the special planting medium. This biodegradable material makes sure that the bulbs stay in perfect position while you plant them all at once. Imaging – 15 bulbs being planted at once instead of single bulbs one-at-a-time! Your back will thank you!

The top reasons you’ll love the new Grape Hyacinth Bloom Pad:

*Beautiful, professionally arranged flowers in a gorgeous shade of  cobalt blue
*Easy to plant makes them easy to enjoy
*Goes well with any other spring bulb
*More bulbs, less time
*Enjoy your autumn – save your back and your attitude

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