Dr. Earth Life Organic and Natural All Purpose Fertilizer

Dr. Earth Life Organic and Natural All Purpose Fertilizer


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Throw & Go Organic Fertilizer Lasts for Months

If you are looking to support your entire landscape with an effective organic fertilizer, try Dr. Earth® Life® Organic and Natural All Purpose Fertilizer. You’ll love the big, healthy buds and blooms and the fast growth.

This is so easy. Each pellet is just the same, so there is no mixing or stressing. You won’t even have to work it into the soil, just “toss and go.”

But you’ll be impressed with the remarkable results. This premium formula contains nutrients that release quickly, yet continue to feed for several months. Its enriched with multi-minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, humic acids and trace elements to promote healthy plants.

A great feature is the proprietary TruBiotic® probiotics. This complex ensures that the organic nutrients are thoroughly broken down, and then released in the soil. This helps plant roots absorb the nutrients as they are needed. Pretty smart!

You’ll promote vigorous and healthy plant growth, because your plant’s root systems will be capable of greater nutrient absorbtion. Take care of the soil, take care of your plant’s roots, and enjoy how pretty your yard looks.

This formula feeds every plant in your garden for several months. But you can sleep easy at night, knowing that this completely organic formula isn’t out there contaminating your landscape with GMOs, toxic ingredients or anything harmful.

This is handcrafted from human and feed grade ingredients. Dr. Earth’s products are safe for people and pets.

Thank you, Dr. Earth! Order today and get your plants the superior organic nutrients they need for the best performance and health. Order this organic plant booster today!

  • Easy to use Throw & Go pellets can be broadcasted throughout the entire garden
  • People and Pet Safe
  • No Synthetic Chemicals, Chicken Manure or Toxic Ingredients
  • Sustainably Made in the U.S.A.

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Dr. Earth Life Organic and Natural All Purpose Fertilizer – 4 lb, Dr. Earth Life Organic and Natural All Purpose Fertilizer – 12 lb