Allium Purple Sensation Easy Bloom Pad

Allium Purple Sensation Easy Bloom Pad


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Brighten Winter With Bloom Pads

An allium lover’s dream! 

Bloom Pads make having a gorgeous professional-looking garden easier than ever before. A 6” deep hole is all you need! You get a biodegradable pad with four top-grade Purple Sensation Allium flower bulbs already pre-spaced in the pad medium. This ensures a dramatic planting of these stunning lavender globe-shaped flowers. The flowers are uniform in height and will add a unique texture and form making your garden come alive in the spring.

In addition to adding easy beauty to your garden, your planting time is cut in half with Bloom Pads! Planting 4 bulbs at a time instead of one at a time saves your back and your attitude. The pad dissolves into the soil once the allium bulbs start growing in the spring.

The top reasons you’ll love the Allium Purple Sensation Bloom Pad:

*Rich purple globe-shaped flowers
*So easy to plant – just drop the biodegradable pad into the hole and cover
*One Bloom Pad fills a garden pot
*Saves your back
*Professionally spaced bulbs makes for a perfect garden every time

Bloom Pads make your gardening so easy. Your biggest challenge? Waiting for them to bloom in the spring!

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